Introducing the organization

About us

Nantonaku Nantes was created in 2014 by Didier Roux, who works as a professional translator in Nantes and has previously lived in Japan for 20 years. Shortly after moving back to France, he realized that Japanese exchange students in Nantes were on their own when it came to dealing with administrative formalities and their everyday life in this new environment. Hence the creation of this organization, which aims at assisting these students throughout of their stay in Nantes.

Aims of the organization

The main objective of the organization is to help Japanese exchange students in Nantes throughout the year. This includes:
-reception at the airport
-assistance in finding an accomodation
-assistance with administrative formalities (opening a bank account, personal housing allowance…)
-assistance in case of emergency (burglary, theft…)
-assistance in getting an appointment with a doctor

Another goal of Nantonaku is to spread the word about Nantes and the possibilities that the city offers for Japanese students. They might indeed feel less anxious about coming to Nantes to study knowing that they will get first-hand assistance from Japanese-speaking members who have experience in Japan and Japanese culture.